Qobuz is an online music service offering streaming subscriptions and pay-as-you-go downloads. Qobuz is the world leader in high-quality sound, with all 40 million titles in its catalog available in 16-Bit/44.1 kHz, CD quality sound. Qobuz also has the world’s largest Hi-Res catalog, featuring some 150,000 albums. The entire collection is available through Sublime+, the first Hi-Res music streaming subscription service in the world.

Qobuz also stands out for its discerning music curation and editorial line, and exclusive editorial content. Qobuz is the only music streaming platform in the world to provide access to hundreds of thousands of digital booklets and exclusive information about each title in its catalog.

The full Qobuz experience is available anywhere, anytime, thanks to dedicated, fully-compatible apps for every device (Mac/PC desktops and iOS/Android smartphones and tablets). Thanks to an extensive partnership network, Qobuz sound quality can be enjoyed on all of the world’s leading hi-fi brands.

Qobuz is partner of XFI Premium Audioshow with the mutual aim to bring listening to digital music to the next level. 

Enjoy one month of CD quality 16-bit streaming: www.qobuz.com/xfi